Egypt Tour

Visit Egypt to see its history, and stay longer to sample its modern Arab culture and perhaps to enjoy time at an ocean-side resort.

Most people will spent a week in Egypt, depending on the nature and extent of their travels to this interesting country.

An Introduction to Egypt

Egypt is perhaps one of the very few countries that has a big haul of history amidst historical controversies.  People like the Jewish hero Moses, Queen Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, King Tut and others have donned the land.  Egypt showcases much of man’s history, his achievements and the glorious monuments that stand to tell a tale for our future generations.

Egypt is located in the north eastern tip of Africa and is bounded by Israel to the East, the Mediterranean Sea to the North, Libya to the West and Sudan to the South.  Officially, Egypt is known as the Arab Republic of Egypt.  From the hotels in Tel Aviv to those in Cairo, the region is home to some of the finest hotels in the world.

Cairo, which happens to be the largest city in Africa and the Middle East, is Egypt’s capital.  Egyptian Pounds is the official national currency and is divided into 100 Piastres (currently – Sep 2012, one US Dollar gets you about 6.1 Egyptian Pounds).

The main religion in Egypt is Sunni Moslem (about 90%) with the rest of the population being predominantly of Christian (Coptic) faith.  The main language is Arabic, with English and French also commonly spoken amongst the more educated classes.

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