Hawaii Tour

The best of the United States, yet almost its own country, the 50th state is comprised of 6 major islands .

O’ahu(597 sq miles )… Home to Waikiki, Honolulu, Pearl Harbor, and great north shore surfing. It hosts the islands only freeways. Honolulu is the 9th  largest city in the USA.  This is where most arrive and depart for airlines and ship cruises.

Maui ( 727 sq miles) …Has some of the best beaches in the world, and now also a very active airport.  Cruise ships now start 7 day cruises from Maui harbor as an option to Honolulu sailings.

West side is warm and dry while the north and eastern shores are rain forests.    the famous drive to Hana is a thrill to drive  as it clings to sheer jungle cliffs.  Haleakala Volcano rises to over 10,000 feet and is a great site to watch a sunrise.  Tours take  bicycles down from this summit  for the “Maui down hill”

Molikini, an off shore seamount ,offers the best snorkeling  while Wailea  offers the best beachs and weather. Napili bay on the north west  coast offers luxury resorts golf and great  beach snorkeling.

Moloka’ i (260 sq miles)… Friendly, peaceful, and quiet, A farming and  ranch community.. Very few visitor services and  hotels. The north shore is as rugged as in Kauai.

Lana’ i   ( 141 sq miles)…is small, and largely undeveloped except for a few luxury resorts, and golf courses.

” The Big Island “, Hawaii, ( 4028 sq miles)… Home to Kona and Volcanoes National Park; Mauna Kea Obseratory at almost 14,000 ft high towers above all ,    Capt Cook   bay offers the best snorkel site in the entire state , Place of Refuge national park is a cultural must see.

Distances  here are huge… towns over 100 miles apart;  It has 11 climates from arctic to rainforest.  It will always say “rain” in the forcast for Hawaii because with these many climates it will rain somewhere on the island every day.The west side is dry and warm while rain  and clouds hover over the stormy east or windward side many days.

The gold coast of the Kohala region is home to some of the most striking resorts in the state.  Hilo is  old hawaii of a long ago plantation era and is quaint  and folksy and also the rainiest city in the USA.. with over 140 inches a year .  Hawaii has fewer sandy beaches but as a result has clearer and warmer waters for diving, swimming and snorkeling.

Kaua’ i   ( 552 sq miles)…. Most northern of the 6  Kauai is home to jagged sea cliffs and gaining a name as an active getaway from resorts and tourists.  Called the “Garden Island,” it is lush and moist with frequent rain which in parts falls over 400 inches a year.

Its  Waimea canyon is the ” grand canyon of the pacific” and a natural wonder as is the north shore.  Kauai has cooler ocean  waters and can get stormy   It is home to several world class golf   and family resorts.

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